Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon – Take a Sneak Peak!

Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon is like none you have ever experienced! Every Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon is one-of-a-kind. Therefore not one has ever been the same. Well except for the Harasoth we make each time! I am so excited to meet with a group of ladies this weekend that I can hardly […]

Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon Comes to Sarasota!

Sweet Encounter with Song Of Solomon coming to Sarasota, FL! Whether you have attended a Sweet Encounter with Song of Solomon meeting or not… you will be in for a special treat either way! I get so excited calling women together like this because each Sweet Encounter is so unique and tailor-made. You never know what […]

Marriage Tips – 4 Tools for a Stronger Marriage

Marriage Tips

Marriage Tips – 4 tools to strengthen and empower your marriage! Marriage tips – Discover 4 tools for a stronger marriage! These 4 tips will help turn a bad marriage into a good one and a good marriage into a better one! Poor communication skills, unfaithfulness, lack of trust, unforgiveness, dishonor, selfishness and complacency are at […]

Song of Solomon Raw Dessert Weekend!

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon Raw Dessert Weekend Never Tasted So Sweet! A Song of Solomon raw dessert weekend never tasted so sweet as I introduce topics such as “Boy Chases Girl”, “A Peek Into the Suite”, “In Hot Pursuit”, “The Bride Awakens” and we even have a raw dessert cooking show! YES… I said cooking show! Where […]

Encounter Love – body, soul & spirit!

Encounter Love

Encounter Love and life begins to change – body, soul and spirit! As we Encounter Love for ourselves, we realize (now more than ever!) unless properly processed, our childhood perceptions and trauma carry over into our adult life. It’s out of the discovery of our own emotional brokenness we now see how it was affecting every area of our lives – […]