Detox Challenge 11: Know Your Body Cycle

Know Your Body Cycle! Today’s challenge will be to discover what the cycle of your body is, what foods to eat that flow best with that cycle and when is the most efficient time to consume them. Why?  When you know your cycle, you will discover key components to healthy living such as… Losing weight Aid […]

Detox Challenge 10: Step Into Your Destiny

Challenge 10: Step Into Your Destiny!  Today we will make a clean sweep through your heart and detoxify! We are going to identify and eliminate any residue from the past that hinders you from stepping further into your God given destiny today. Let’s focus on one area in particular – your name! Your destiny is tied to […]

Detox Challenge 7 – Loofah Your Skin!

Detox Challenge 7 – Loofah your skin!  Did you know your skin is your largest organ for elimination? During a cleanse, it is very important to give your skin a break from being overtaxed with lotions, creams, soaps and perfumes that are laden with chemicals. For today’s challenge… I want you to loofah your skin! This will […]

Detox Challenge 6: Learn Something New (About Your Health)!

Detox Challenge 6: Learn something new (about your health)!  There are two main reasons for lack of health. 1. Ignorance 2. Laziness (not wanting to take personal responsibility) Many of us at one time or another have fallen into one or both of these mindsets. I know I sure have! My next special surprise guest, […]