Carrot Juice – Spicy and Hot

carrot juice

Carrot Juice. Some like it spicy and some like it hot.
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I love carrot juice especially if it’s spicy and hot. But what do you do when you are on a fast and craving a piece of carrot cake instead?

You re-focus and make carrot juice!

I kicked in my creative juices and made myself a spicy and hot juice full of carrots and two special ingredients. Read on to see what two ingredients give this juice a spicy, hot kick!

Wait, what about carrot cake?

I have a solution for that too. Later.  As for now, focus on the juice. (Smiling!)

Carrots are loaded with beta-carotene and fiber and are rich in Vitamin A, C, K & B8. Carrots are also famous for improving your vision and giving your skin that nice healthy glow!

Now for the Spicy & Hot Carrot Juice recipe!

* approx 1/2 lb of carrots
* 2-3 oranges
* ginger, quarter size or more
* pinch of cayenne pepper

You guessed it. The two special ingredients that give this juice a spicy, hot kick are ginger and cayenne pepper! Fresh ginger has a long history of receiving digestive problems and cayenne pepper also aids your digestion among many other gut and heart benefits.

Back to making the juice!

Juice all ingredients in a juicer, pour in a fancy glass and enjoy! Drink this juice as is or take it to the next level by making a carrot smoothie!

Turning your hot and spicy carrot juice into a smoothie is super easy. Pour your juice in a high-powered blender and add approximately 1/2 cup of frozen pieces of banana. Add enough frozen bananas to a desired consistency.

As for the carrot cake?

Here is a healthy solution that I promised. CLICK HERE to try my raw healthy carrot cake topped with a creamy cacao dark sauce & a sweet cream!

PPS. Carrots slow down your aging and help your body clean house. Read 8 more healthy benefits from eating carrots at Care2HealthyLiving!

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