Become a Smoothie Pro – 5 Easy Tips!

You can become a smoothie pro in 5 easy tips! smoothie pro Follow Me on Pinterest

If you apply these 5 easy tips that I have learned over the years- you will for sure become one in no time at all. (Even to the point of calling yourself a smoothie queen)!

  1. A blender is a must.

    Not just any ole blender but a good blender is a must when making smoothies. I started out with a $40 blender for my first year and discovered very quickly that cheap blenders are not your claim to fame at becoming a smoothie pro! That first year flew by and 17 years later I am still blending, but now I blend with the best- Blendtec Blender! (and yes I am not only a pro but a smoothie queen)!

  2. Frozen bananas are a must.

    A smoothie is not a smoothie without frozen bananas! They add natural sweetness and thicken your smoothie to the same consistency of ice cream! Peel your bananas, slice into small pieces and place in a freezer bag. This is one tip you won’t want to miss if you are going to become a smoothie pro!

  3. Frozen fruit works great too!

    Peel and slice fruits (organic when possible) into small pieces. Arrange on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen then place in a freezer bag. Or better yet, buy organic fruit that is already frozen. Frozen fruit really speeds up your smoothie making process.

  4. A handful of ice is a great alternative to frozen fruit.

    If you just happened to be out of frozen fruit and only have fresh fruit to use – try adding a handful of ice cubes to your smoothie. The ice will create a slushy consistency and will remind you of a slushy from 7-11, but of course much healthier!

  5. Layer your ingredients!

    Layering your ingredients speeds up your smoothie making process. Begin with your liquids first,  such as nut milks, kefir, yogurt or fresh juice. Then if making a green smoothie, add your greens next. Finally topping it off with your frozen fruit and blend away!

    – liquids
    – greens
    – frozen ingredients

    This Beet & Cherry smoothie is one of my favorite recipes.  Whip it up and you will be on your way to becoming a Smoothie Pro (or rather a Smoothie Queen) in no time at all!

    My Beet & Cherry Smoothie! 

    Click >>> HERE for the recipe!

    * Note: Did you know beets are actually low on the glycemic chart?

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