40 Day Fast: A Zillion Mixed Emotions


40 Day Fast and a zillion mixed emotions.

Today is my last day of a 40 day liquid fast and I have so many mixed emotions.

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You would think I would be excited about coming off of a 40 day fast, but I’m not. I have so many mixed feelings surfacing… physically I’m hungry but then again I’m not, emotionally sad but happy, disappointed but encouraged, frustrated but content and mentally my mind is swirling with thoughts not quite knowing where to land. I’m not for sure spiritually what has taken place, but I do know from past experiences that this 40 day fast was not in vain.

Breaking a fast can stir so much within the heart. This makes me realize how I often react, respond and live life through unhealed emotions. Emotions that change with the wind, instead of making a deliberate choice to believe and live life from God’s word – which never changes. Easier said than done for many of us, but it is possible when doused with lots of grace.

So… how I am going to break this 40 day fast?

At 5pm I will begin sipping on a diluted green smoothie to slowly wake up my digestive system. Then about 6pm I will introduce some pureed steamed veggies in a veggie broth. Awakening my body slowly is vital and takes a great amount of discipline, especially when coming off a fast.

I have learned the hard way.

Read about that at my post ” Body & Soul Cleanse – I Bombed on Day 40!” to see how NOT to end a fast! But you know what? It’s not about how many times we miss the mark. My husband Bob expresses it well here ===> “Living Sin-sitive”! 

As I have posted my journey during this 40 day fast, I hope you are encouraged and challenged. My heart is that we grow and learn together!

Be of good health – body, soul and spirit and drop me a line letting me know your experiences of coming off a fast! Have you ever bombed or is it just me?

From my heart to yours…

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