8 Ways to Fire Up Your Metabolism!

fire up your metabolism

8 Ways to Fire Up Your Metabolism!  fire up your metabolism Follow Me on Pinterest

Here are 8 sure ways to give your metabolism the boost it needs to get all fired up! These natural tips are something you can begin right away and start getting healthy results! But first let’s ask the question…

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is your bodies ability to burn calories – no matter what you are doing!

We use lots of energy and burn calories while digesting foods and exercising. What I didn’t realize is that we also burn calories while we are sleeping! But…since your metabolism slows way down when you are sleeping, what exactly does that mean if you are a late night snacker? In my next blog post we will address what you might be doing to slow your metabolism down even slower and how to change that…. so stay tuned!

Now let’s fire up your metabolism!

How quickly you turn your calories into energy is key to your overall health and wellness. So here are 8 natural and healthy ways you can choose from to get started – now!

1. Pump Iron: Don’t be afraid to pump some weight because muscle is going to burn calories even when you are resting.

2. High-Intensity Interval Workouts: Switch back and forth during your workout from 1 minute fast to 1 minute slow and repeat that cycle for a minimum of 20 minutes!

3. Eat Snacks: Eating healthy snacks in-between meals will hold blood sugar levels steady and prevent insulin spikes.

4. Learn to Rest: Learning the art of rest (and getting plenty of it) is definitely a discipline and an area of my life I must apply! Take this “Rest Test” by asking yourself one simple question >>> HERE!

5. Stress-Less: Letting go to those things that you can do nothing about will add years to your life and life to your years!

6. Think H2O: Drink half your body weight in ounces of clean water everyday! Our Detox Surprise Challenge 9 was a great reminder how >>> 8×8 Hydrate!

7. Eat Smart: Learning your body cycle is key to eating healthy and eating smart! Read more >>>>” Know Your Body Cyle”

8. Stay revved up: Little bursts of energy throughout your day will fire up your metabolism; brisk walks, jumping jacks, jump rope, skipping, play with your kids or even jog to your mailbox and back will keep your metabolism revved up!

Get fired up!

PS. What are you waiting for? Jump up from your computer and give me 10 jumping jacks!
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