7 Holiday Smoothie Recipes – eBook!

My Holiday Smoothie recipe eBook is waiting to be unwrapped by you!

holiday smoothie Follow Me on Pinterest This Christmas season would not be the same without creating a special e-gift just for you. My 22 page e-booklet includes 7 of my favorite easy-to-make, gluten-free, dairy-free smoothie recipes and is ready to be unwrapped by you – page by page!

But wait…

Before unwrapping your Holiday Smoothie recipes eGift (no peeking!), think about this first.

During the holidays we all would love to eat, drink, have loads of fun doing it and not gain any unwanted holiday pounds whatsoever.


Well, if you are anything like me, after the holidays there is more to trim than the tree. It’s called trim the tummy! All the excess eating & drinking is loads of fun. But, I somehow totally forget that it also equals weight gain (usually around the tummy for me)!

When we are in a season where there is more baking, more eating and  food consumed at a quicker rate than our bodies can eliminate, those unwanted holiday pounds can sneak up on you before you even realize it.

But guess what?!

I have the perfect holiday solution for you!

I have created a 22 page holiday “Smoothie Celebration” mini eBook with 7 diary-free recipes just for you!Take a peek at the smoothies inside…

Smoothie Celebration Follow Me on Pinterest

Not only do these smoothies have ingredients good for you and easy on your digestive system, but they are dairy-free and will help keep your tummy trimmed during the Christmas holidays! Just at the mention of the names makes my mouth water.

#1 – Cranberry Almond
#2 – Ginger Vanilla
#3 – Turmeric Blast
#4 – Blueberry Lemon
#5 – Winter Peppermint
#6 – Hot & Spicy Orange
#7 – Golden Cardamon

Which holiday smoothie recipe will you try first? Mine was the Turmeric Blast!

Now for your Holiday Smoothie challenge!

1. Subscribe to my blog (either in right column or in pop up window when you first open my blog) at kellyparr.org. Then check your email for the link to instantly download your “Smoothie Celebration” eGift!  Sorry time has ran out! But don’t let that stop you as you can instantly download it by clicking >>> HERE!  

If you are already subscribed to kellyparr.org, your link to download your Smoothie Celebration eGift will be in the next update! 

2. Unwrap your gift and choose a smoothie (a different one for each day!) and drink it in place of one of your meals. The best time for smoothie is breakfast. It’s a perfect way to work with your body cycles and keep your tummy trimmed at the same time! More about your body cycles HERE! 

3. Share the link! If you like this blog post then I’m sure your friends will too. Share the love of kellyparr.org with them!

A smoothie will definitely leave you full, satisfied and help keep off those unwanted holiday pounds.

Happy Cleansing!

PS. Whole Foods has some really great smoothie recipes as well! Or if you are out shopping and running short of time stop by a Smoothie King! (Just choose their ingredients that are as close to nature as possible)!

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