7-Day Soul Cleanse: Day 1 – A Satisfied Soul

A Satisfied Soul

Do you have a satisfied soul? Are you at peace in your mind, content in your emotions and feeling happy with choices you have made and are making? Or perhaps at times, you find yourself  becoming weary, restless, dissatisfied and can’t quite put your finger on it.

It’s time to take inventory!

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On your printable worksheets you will take today and tomorrow to journal, asking yourself ,
“Am I satisfied with where I am in”…..

  • Relationships
  • Emotional health
  • My career

What did you discover? Comment below and let us know! Does one area of your life stand out more than another area? Or perhaps you discovered that one area is affecting one or more of the others. Actually, from my experience it’s impossible not to!

What Changes can you make?

There is always room to grow! What are some steps you can take today to align your soul, (your mind, will & emotions) to a place of satisfaction, contentment & healthy growth? I will help you make the first step as you take a few moments to quiet your soul…

He’s waiting.

A satisfied soul is only found in Jesus.

For I will satisfy the weary soul and every languishing soul I will replenish.” – Jeremiah 3That might sound like a cliche or a record that has been played over and over in your lifetime. But it’s good to be refreshed every now and then! How quickly we forget that only Jesus can fill the void, bringing true peace, contentment and lasting joy for a weary soul – longing to be satisfied.

Don’t forget to download your free introductory 5 page eBook for Day 1 Soul Cleanse HERE
Use coupon code >>> Day1Challenge

Happy Cleansing!

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14 Replies to “7-Day Soul Cleanse: Day 1 – A Satisfied Soul”

  1. Ok I am in .. Debbie Long

    1. whooo hoooo! Going to be a good cleanse!

  2. Jennifer Turner says: Reply

    Love the music! Thank you for being an obedient servant to our Lord. You are a blessing to many Kelly Parr.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t that song amazing?! It really spoke to my heart and I wanted to speak to others as they work on their assignment!

  3. Day 1 – YES, my soul is satisfied in my relationships, in my emotional health, and my calling. But I must add that TODAY a significant breakthrough took place that I can authentically say, “It is well, it is well, with my soul”! Thank you Kelly, for your investment of prayers for all of us…bless you even more!

    1. This is what makes me pound the table…breakthroughs for women! Thank you so much for sharing! At the end of this cleanse I am going to compile testimonies. May I add this one?!

  4. Debi Cannon Chaffin says: Reply

    This is good!

    1. Of course it is! xoxox

  5. THERESA Lewis says: Reply

    THANKFUL to God, for ALL his Faithfulness, HIS kind and tender Grace and Mercy on me.The Last 4 plus years have been about soul searching, realigning, refocusing, reevaluating, I have come to the knowledge, wisdom & understanding that by renewing, transforming, guarding, protecting my MIND, & surrendering and submitting my WILL to His, and managing and lining my emotions up to HIS living word, that I AM FREE TO BE ME and ALL HE has created me to be. REALIZING it is a every day on going process living FREE in Christ, and not by my performance or goodness but by the ULTIMATE PRICE HE HAS PAID TO SET ME FREE. III John 2 …Psalms 103…Psalms 104… #Foreverliving&learninginChristJesus#

    1. Debi Cannon Chaffin says: Reply

      Well shoot I typed something really awesome and just lost it all:) Not going to let that still my joy right before bedtime:) Goodnight Detox friends! Sweet dreams and a sweet sleep to all of you<3 Debi

      1. Debi, oh no! I hate when that happens!

    2. Theresa, you have learned a lot in the last few years! Thanks for sharing!

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