7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 7: Your Favorite Color?

This 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse has been so fun and creative! rainbow cleanse day 7 Follow Me on Pinterest

As we embark upon the last day of our cleanse, you may choose – your favorite rainbow color (or mixing all of them) for Day 7!

I am looking at colors so differently now. They are vibrant and full of life everywhere I look!

Is it the same for you?

I am seeing people talk and their words paint pictures for me with lots of color. When I’m on my bike ride, I see color. When I am at the gym. I see color. At the restaurant, store, gas station, colors are coming to life everywhere!

It’s as if a place inside of my heart has been awakened to color!

Now on with our rainbow cleanse day 7!

1. Choose your level of cleanse

Here’s a reminder ==>  “How to Prepare” for the 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse.

Eating a rainbow of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables is key to giving your body the nutrients it needs to strengthen your immune system and allow your body to detoxify, ridding itself of unwanted accumulated toxins.

Not to mention helping you get out of a “rut” of eating the same foods day in and day out. By eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you will not only feel better, but you will become a more energized healthier you!

Now I have a very special rainbow promise video for you! It’s as if I have discovered a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow cleanse…

2. “Rainbow Cleanse Promise”

I found the perfect promise for today! It’s a short video by Barry Adams on 31 Promises of God for July! Sit back and drink it in…

Take some time today to explore Barry’s other videos, especially his “Father’s Love Letter”, print promises, photo gallery and blog by clicking ==> 365 Promises!

3. Rainbow Recipe ==> your color – your choice! 

But if you need a little help, you could do a variety of rainbow-colored veggies as seen in the graphic. Or how about trying my Brown Rice & Assorted Veggie recipe!

I have throughly enjoyed this Rainbow Cleanse with you and want to hear what you experienced during this cleanse too. What was your favorite color during this rainbow cleanse?

Please take a few moments and leave a comment below or over in our private Facebook group.

Happy Rainbow Cleansing Day 7!
Kelly 🙂

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