7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 – RED

Today’s 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 is all about RED!  rainbow cleanse day 3 Follow Me on Pinterest

Red symbolizes redemption, courage, cleansing, and sacrifice.

Wow! We could go in so many directions with the meaning of the color red…

Redemption – being delivered from, rescued, bought back…
Courage – to face difficult danger or pain without fear, brave
Cleansing – to become clean
Sacrifice – the surrender of something prized for something of a higher prize

But first…

Before we stir any emotions or arouse your taste buds with todays Silky Beet and Cherry Smoothie recipe…

… you know the drill!

1. Choose your level of cleanse

For a detailed guideline of your 3 options ==>  “How to Prepare” for the 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse. 

Next let’s chew, meditate, and digest today’s spiritual appetizer!

2. Today’s “Rainbow Cleanse Promise” is a very special one – a visual one.

“The Coloring Song” by Petra!

There’s a lot to ponder on for today’s color!

It takes great courage to explore and experience a greater level of cleansing – body, soul & spirit. But you know what? I already know how courageous you are or you wouldn’t be here reading this! 🙂

A thought to chew on throughout your day today…

What is it in your life that would take great courage for you to surrender today in exchange for something of a higher prize?

Now for the recipe!

3. Rainbow Recipe: Silky Red Beet and Cherry Smoothie!

SILKY RED BEET & CHERRY SMOOTHIE!  fruit smoothie Follow Me on Pinterest Almond Milk
1/2 cup raw almonds
1 1/2 cup distilled water

½ beet | peeled and chopped
½ cup frozen cherries
frozen bananas

Nut milk, in a high-speed blender
Add beet and cherries, blend until smooth
Add frozen bananas to desired thickness

Enjoy today Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 – RED!

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