7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 4: 3 Simple Changes Anyone Can Make!

Here are 3 Simple Changes Anyone Can Make during this 7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse!

3 simple changes Follow Me on Pinterest But before I just give them to you, I want to introduce to you a very…

Special friend and blog guest – Rae’Donna Cunningham!

Rae’Donna is from the Kansas City, Mo area and came to Sarasota to visit Bob and I for 4 days. She just so happened to arrive on the same day as I was beginning this 7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse! Lucky her! 🙂

… and guess what?!

She decided to join me! (Well for the most part that is… I kept forgetting she was on vacation!)

Her smile was contagious and evidently we were too!

Watch the video and see what Rae’Donna learned while visiting us. I love the part where she talks about the foods she loves… just watch her eyes light up! (Sorry Rae Rae… couldn’t help but notice!)

Here take-away while here, where 3 simple changes that she wants to begin incorporating into her life. Her attitude was one of “ I can do this”!

1. Chia for breakfast!

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Rae’Donna not only realized that chia is an alkaline food, but also learned it is very filling and high in fiber too! Take a look at what these lil seeds will do… CLICK HERE! 

2. Make time to exercise!
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We all can do this! Rae’Donna loved doing water aerobics with me, and realized that this was also a great way to de-stress. This was something that made her burst out into a happy dance and say “I can do this”! If swimming is not your thing, then run, bike, do aerobics, lift weights or like Rae’Donna … do a happy dance!

2. Drink more H20!

chia gel drink Follow Me on Pinterest Rae’Donna, like many of us, did not realize she wasn’t getting enough water throughout her day.

 So I gave her a little tip: Fill a 64oz mason jar with fresh water, first thing in the morning. That’s a great way to monitor your water intake for the day. Try adding sliced fruits or herbs to give it a burst of fruity, herbal flavors! Or (like in the photo above) try making my “Alkalizing Chia Gel” Snag your recipe ===>HERE

Try implementing these 3 simple changes into your life, and like Rae’Donna, may you also be found to say “I can do this”!

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  1. Kelli,I’m having stomach n digestive problems,evert since I had my gallery bladder remove.I been diagnosed with pre diabete

    1. It says “anonymous” so I don’t know who you are! I’m sorry about your stomach/digestive problems. Those things happen also when you are doing a cleanse.
      1. If you have questions in reference to fasting/cleansing I suggest you grab a copy of my eBook “Sweet Encounter From Fasting to Cleansing”. That eBook is very helpful to know how your body might respond to a cleanse and gives lots of helpful tips on cleansing/fasting.
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