7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 2: What Kind of Environment Are You Hosting?

7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse Day 2 and the thought comes to me…

What kind of environment are you hosting?

Is it one that’s alkaline producing or acidic? Don’t be to quick to answer that question because most people can literally go days without consuming any alkaline foods at all!

But… you and I both know that is not us! 🙂

alkaline or acid Follow Me on Pinterest During this 7 Day High-Alkaline cleanse I am becoming very aware of what goes into my mouth. I just need to work on what comes out of my mouth too! (Oh my, sounds like another blog post in the making!)

We have already discovered from observing different acid alkaline charts what causes an alkaline environment in our body. Alkaline producing foods are mostly raw vegetables and fruits. Almonds, sunflower seeds, green juices, and tofu are considered good sources of alkalizing proteins. Apple cider, bee pollen and pro-biotic cultures are also considered alkalizing as well as cinnamon, curry, and ginger.

On the flip-side…

We have also discovered what causes an environment of acidity in our body, which are mostly meats, dairy, beans, alcohol, cola’s and coffee. Stress also is a major contributor to producing an acidic environment.

I know, I am treading on holy ground when I include “meat & coffee” in the category of acidic foods!

But if it makes you feel any better, we are going to discover other acidic areas we might be hosting (besides meat and coffee!) that could be contributors to an acidic environment in our lives.

Another look at Psalm 139:14

Let’s take another look at Psalm 139:14. But this time read it 3 times – out loud! Let’s see what we discover.

alkaline and acid Follow Me on Pinterest What part of this Psalm stands out to you?

What are your emotions, thoughts and or responses?

Would you consider your response as one that hosts life (alkaline forming) or one that drains you of life (acid forming).

Ask the Holy Spirit what He has to say about it.

Listen quietly.


Then journal His response.

Now journal yours!

Share with a friend your experience today on what kind of environment you are hosting!  Better yet, come on over to our Facebook detox group and comment there about what you have discovered today on our 7 Day High-Alkaline Cleanse!

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