7 Day Eat Clean Celebration!

7 Days Eat Clean Celebration

This 7-Day Eat Clean Celebration…

…is about celebrating healthy, life-giving foods in exchange for processed foods, filled with ingredients we can’t even pronounce!

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What are clean eating foods?

Clean eating foods are not found in a box, a can, nor have they been processed or altered in any way. Ultimately you want to focus on foods that contain no additives or chemicals. During our 7-Day Eat Clean celebration, together we are going to choose foods that are as close to nature as possible!  7-Day Eat Clean Celebration Follow Me on Pinterest

What can I expect during the 7 days?

  • A motivational tip sent directly to your inbox each day to help encourage and educate you on clean eating!
  • A free mini E-Book to download with 7 clean eating recipes that will make your taste buds dance, lose a few unwanted pounds, and WOW your family table!
  • An easy to follow grocery list included in your 7 Days – 7 Recipes E-Book!

How do I begin?

  • Mark your calendar for March 7 – 13!
  • Subscribe to kellyparr.org and download your free 7 Day – 7 Recipe E-Book!
  • Print out your grocery check list.
  • Decide which meal each day that you want to eat clean… (and yes, it can be for more than just one of your meals each day)!

Let’s step out of some old habits and come into a new place of realizing – “I can do this! I can learn to say no to unhealthy choices, but at the same time give myself grace when I don’t. 🙂

As with all my cleansing challenges this 7-Day Eat Clean Celebration is more than just about food. But for now… the food is where we will begin!

Download your copy of 7 Days – 7 Recipes Eat Clean Celebration by subscribing to my blog posts and then
let’s get this parTAY started!

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P.P.S Check out all these clean eating ingredients you can use to spice up your meals ===>Eating Clean for Dummies Cheat Sheet  (Ha…not saying you are a dummie but there is some really cool stuff in this article!)

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