Toxins – 5 Pathways to Letting Go!

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Toxins – 5  Pathways to Letting Go!

Toxins. The human body has 5 pathways toxins are eliminated during a cleanse. Is it a  comfortable process? No. Perhaps that is why people don’t like to fast! The detoxification process is not fun but is inevitable and plays a strategic role in your healing process – body, soul and spirit.

The headaches, fatigue, joint pains, hives, cough, indigestion, bad breath, sore throat, skin rashes, constipation, backache, insomnia, sinus congestion, dizziness, fever, depression, anxiety and mood changes are usually signs of accumulated toxins being eliminated during a cleanse. These symptoms are to be expected but the process is not always easy to endure!

Take note: Every fast is different and each builds upon the next – so fasting does get easier. Well.. sort of! Each fast you discover something new!

Here are the 5 paths toxins are eliminated during a cleanse and usually at a fast pace, depending on the type of fast you engage in.

  • Lungs:  take in pounds of pollutants and are constantly eliminating volumes of toxic gases each minute. Oxygen is our most important nutrient.
  • Skin: our largest eliminative organ
  • Kidney: eliminates fluid wastes from the body and continuously purifies the blood stream.
  • Colon: eliminates solid wastes and absorbs water from foods.
  • Liver: most important detoxifier of all the organs because it takes poisons, neutralizes them and stores what it good.

So during a fast, how can we work with these 5 pathways to make way for elimination? Try a few of these simple tips and LET GO of those toxins!

  • Lungs: Exercise is one of the best ways to detoxify the lungs. So get moving!
  • Skin: Loofa, exposing your skin to sun and air, saunas and steam baths all work wonders. If you live near a beach, the ocean water makes for a great cleanser too.
  • Kidneys: Give the “kids” a rest and drink lots of water, herbal teas or juice it up with some watermelon or cranberry juice.
  • Colon: Colonics, enemas, (I know…not very fun), psyllium seed drinks, herbs and teas for this pathway!
  • Liver: Fasting with raw juices and herbs will make your liver very happy, plus don’t forget to exercise.

Believe it or not, utilizing and working with these 5 path-ways will help make your fasting experience much more enjoyable!

Kelly 🙂

PS. One of my favorite ways to help in the detoxification process is to get a full body massage (a very light one of course) This is one of my favorite ways to aid in letting go of those toxins!

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