4 Things That Will Slow Down Your Metabolism!

You might be doing the following to slow down your metabolism… and 4 Things That Will Slow Down Your Metabolism Follow Me on Pinterest not even realize it!

Take a few moments and check out the following four things that might be slowing your metabolism down. You might be surprised. I sure was!

A slow metabolism = access fat and that’s a no go!

But first, on a positive note… did you check out my last blog post >>> 8 ways to fire up your metabolism? (Number 8 is my all time favorite!) I promised to comment on what it means if you are a late night snacker. So keep reading and discover what you might be doing that will slow down your metabolism! The good news…

You can make changes. So let’s do it. 

1. Poor eating habits: Yikes! We all know that high processed foods, fried foods, refined carbs and other foods high in white sugar are not only low in fiber but will take you on a roller coaster ride ending in a sugar crash.
Change: Try reaching for high fiber foods that will give your metabolism a supercharge. Fruits such as apples, mango, papayas, grapefruit & avocado (yes it’s a fruit!). Vegetables such as celery, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and lots of green leafy vegetables are great metabolism boosters too!

2. Late night snackin: I’m guilty! When you sleep your metabolism slows way down. It then turns any unneeded food into fat for storage. So eating late at night will definitely slow down your metabolism!
Change: Eat small meals throughout your day but if you prefer to eat at set times, then do a simple digestible breakfast, heavy meal at lunch, a light dinner and no snacking 2 hours before bedtime! Bottom line, nothing after 8pm.

3. Not enough sleep: Nailed again! A well rested body will function better than one that is totally exhausted. Being mentally and emotionally drained doesn’t help either.
Change: Your thought life plays a major role in putting your body at rest. If your thought life works overtime (like mine!) you will tend to re-enforce your inability to respect rest. If you haven’t done so yet, take the simple one question rest test and get to the root of why! >>>> REST TEST! 

4. Accumulated Toxins! You are rocking it on the outside but inside… toxins are accumulating and your body must work overtime to eliminate the toxic buildup. Result? You will slow down your metabolism.
Change: Again, it’s best to eat small meals throughout your day as this puts less strain on your digestive system. Take time to do a cleanse on the inside of your body on a regular basis. Try doing all raw or green smoothies one day a week. Then a 3-7 day liquid cleanse every 3 months. That would give your metabolism a big boost!
Happy Cleansing!

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