3 Day Pre-Cleanse Part 1 – One Meal At a Time

3 Day Pre-Cleanse Part 1 – One Meal At a Time!

This 3 day Pre-Cleanse Part 1 comes after 20 years of exploring the world of fasting, cleansing and detoxifying the hard way. From my mistakes I have learned a lot. So I wanted to create a healthy and wise pre-cleansing plan. It’s an easy and healthy way to begin a cleanse of any type and to finish well.

Slows down detoxification.

These 3 days will guide you into a longer cleanse – one meal at a time. It’s a great way to slow down your detoxification process, which makes for a much more comfortable (and hopefully enjoyable) way to begin a deeper cleanse.

An overview….

1st Day: Detox breakfast (continue with your normal lunch and dinner)
2nd Day: Detox breakfast and lunch (continue with your normal dinner)
3rd  Day: Detox breakfast, lunch and dinner!

IMPORTANT: Depending on the length of your cleanse and the cleansing level of your choice will depend on how many pre-cleansing days are appropriate.

For example:

  • 7 day… this 3 day pre-cleanse will be perfect.
  • 14 day… requires 5-7 pre-cleanse days.
  • 21 day… requires 7-10 pre-cleanse days etc.


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First upon awakening: A glass of a powdered green drink of your choice.

I like “Perfect Food Original” a  super green formula by Garden of Life (it also comes sweetened with stevia).

Beginning your day with a green drink enables your body to begin removing accumulated toxins. There are many other green powders such as Blue Green Algae or Matcha Green tea too.

So try a few until you find the one you like. It comes in capsule form too. 
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Next choose one of the two Mid-Morning options.

1. Salad in a Glass

My favorite is a mixture of apple, a chunk of fresh ginger, lemon, a handful of kale & baby spinach. Blending all ingredients in a high-powered blender does it quick and easy. Or you can juice them in a juicer as well!

2. Apple Crunch

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My Apple Crunch is super easy to make! Just peel and cut apples, add raisins and toss with cinnamon and scoop mixture into individual fancy serving dishes. Lastly, pour fresh blended grape juice over each serving and topping with crushed walnuts.

***Blend red seedless grapes in a high-powered blender to make fresh grape juice!

Congratulations! You have completed your 3 Day Pre-Cleanse Part 1 – one meal at a time!

Happy Cleansing!

PS. Tune in tomorrow and we will detox lunch!

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