3 Day Cleanse – A Few Quick Tips!

3 DAY CLEANSE – A few quick tips as we begin! 3 day cleanse Follow Me on Pinterest

Preparing for this 3 DAY CLEANSE (or any cleanse) is vital! Joining with other women for support and accountability is a great way to get started… hence our “Detox- body, soul & spirit” private group on facebook! Whoot whoot! 

As we begin to prepare with women from countries around the world (that is motivating in itself!) let’s begin our week with…


  • QUICK!!! BLOCK OFF YOUR CALENDAR!   This 3 day cleanse (or a any length of cleanse) is one meeting you don’t want to miss! Fight for it. Guard it. Put on your combat boots and don’t budge!
  • READ & LISTEN to books, articles and testimonies about cleansing as this can be very motivating. Come to think of it, do you know that fasting will impact not only your life but the generations that follow you? Read HERE how it didn’t begin with me!
  • JOURNAL… if your CLEANSE is worth experiencing then it is worth writing down! I highly urge you to journal during your cleanse, even if it is just jotting down a few sentences a day. Click HERE  to see how journaling has transformed my fasting experiences!
  • S.L.O.W.L.Y begin eliminating stimulants from your daily diet. I know… saying NO to foods such as, meats, caffeine, sugars, white flours and salts can be very dramatic! But it’s just for a season and I believe you can do it!
  •  SHOP & PREPARE for your juices & or foods in advance. To get you in the groove download your “Detox Smoothie & Juice Recipe with Easy to Use Grocery Check List!

  • Last but not the least! Consult your physician first when embarking upon a fast of any kind…especially when on medications or if you have chronic illnesses.

The better you prepare for your cleanse, the more successful your experience will be!

Happy cleansing!

PS. Have these quick tips been helpful? Pass them on to a friend and invite her join with us in our private face book “Detox – body, soul, spirit” group!

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