3 DAY CLEANSE: DAY 1 – Discovering Treasures!

3 Day Cleanse… here we go!

To kick us off, I created a special video just for you! I figure, what better place to begin these next 3 days then the beach at Longboat Key, Sarasota Florida!

I want to challenge you to dream BIG! The God of the UNIVERSE wants to dream BIG in and through you!  Imagine THAT!  He has placed great treasures within you. Treasures that only you carry. Treasures that are beyond your imagination and are just waiting to be discovered – by you!

But as women we are lacking one thing… the time to dream!

Our lives are kept so busy. Busy with family, schedules, work, children and even church! So I know doing this 3 DAY CLEANSE is a HUGE sacrifice! But, whatever type of cleanse you choose, however much time you intend to take, there is one thing for sure –  we are going to dream!

It’s time to discover what the enemy of your soul does not want you to see!

Draw aside and dare to dream BIG with God. Let your heart journey with His. Allow the Creator of heaven and earth  to take you to that place – where deep cries out to deep. There are great treasures waiting just for you!

Because I am so passionate about seeing you have a healthy, successful and out of this world 3 Day Cleanse, you won’t want to miss clicking on the following links!

  • 3 Days 3 Ways – choose from 3 different cleanses that will best suit you and your lifestyle!

Let’s start dreaming!

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