21 Day Detox – Do Not Ignore These 4 Areas

This cleanse has the potential to set the stage for life change in four major areas of your life.

During your 21 Day Detox, these four areas must not be ignored. (Although many of us are pretty good at doing just that  – including me!)

21 Day Follow Me on Pinterest Ignoring these four areas has the potential to cause your body to become dis-ease, where your natural state of “ease” becomes disrupted and imbalanced. This will have an effect on your life spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. On the other hand, when we address these areas and allow God, the comforter of all comfort to bring healing, we can begin experiencing optimal health!

This 21 Day Cleansing is a great tool to expose areas in your life that need attention and have been overlooked for way too long. So for the next 21 days (if not already) your body, soul & spirit will be challenged, stretched and definitely awakened.

Is that ok with you? I hope so!

We have already started to prepare physically by choosing a Level of Detox that best suits you. If you have not done so, please click here >>> 21 Day Detox – 3 Simple Steps to Begin. 

For your challenge today, take a few moments and begin to prepare mentally for your 21 Day Detox.

Make a note of how and where you see the need for growth in the following four areas of your life.
Here’s a few examples…

  1. Physical: Would it be beneficial for your overall health to lose or maybe even gain a few pounds
  2. Mental: Do you entertain thoughts that bring death or life?
  3. Emotions: Are you in touch with them? Ignore them? Or do you use them in such a way to manipulate others?
  4. Spiritually: What is your perspective of who God is? Do you see him as a harsh task master or a loving Father?

Now ask God to show you how He sees you in each area!  Follow Me on Pinterest

Happy cleansing!

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