21 Day Detox Day 6 – Journal 5 Powerful Ways

21 day detox day 6

21 Day Detox Day 6 is going to transform your journaling in 5 powerful ways!

As you learn to journal on your 21 Day Detox Day 6 in the following 5 areas, you will see a dramatic change unfold during your cleansing experience. It will be life-changing. So lean back, take a deep breath. Exhale. You will be amazed at what you discover!

Divide your journal into 5 sections.

Perhaps you already have a certain style of journaling. If so, you are off to a great start! Now, include these following 5 areas and build upon what you already have. You are created spirit, soul and body and will quickly discover how this time set aside to cleanse, will affect each area. So let’s see how!

Each day journal in these 5 areas…

1. Daily Intake – What did I consume today?
2. Physically – How is my body responding?
3. Mentally  – What am I thinking?
4. Emotionally – How am I feeling?
5. Spiritually – What is God saying to me?

Now observe your responses to each question.

When the Holy Spirit begins to highlight areas of your heart, you will begin to see repeated ideas, themes and patterns in your life. Each day of your cleanse will build upon the last. Here’s a great example of what I look for >>> read more here!  

As memories begin to surface on your 21 Day Detox Day 6 and following, your emotions will to. It’s normal. Trust the One bringing the emotions to surface because healing always floods in upon the wave of Love.

Your journey is a process.

So enjoy and be refreshed as you journal your journey. Here is another one of my mother’s prayers to encourage you today on your 21 Day Detox Day 6 ==> Restore My Hope.

Happy Cleansing!


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