21 Day Detox Day 17 – 8 Common Emotional Symptoms

21 day detox day 17

This 21 Day Detox Day 17, has been enough time for you to now be experiencing some of the following 8 common emotional symptoms.

On this 21 Day Detox day 17, just as we discussed the 8 common physical symptoms on day 11, so it is with the 8 emotional symptoms. They are not to be blamed on the weather, someone else and definitely not on the devil! (Besides, he doesn’t deserve that much credit or attention!).

Furthermore, just as it did with the physical symtoms, your emotional symptoms will also depend on the Level of Fast/cleanse you have chosen, how many days you go and how toxic your body is. As a result, the level of detoxification you experience will vary.

Just as the physical part of you will experience healing, so will the emotional part of you. Emotional healing will always follow a physical cleansing during a fast.


Physical cleansing aids in bringing to the surface emotional healing.

When you get to this point of a cleanse, it is up to you to recognize, acknowledge and embrace your emotions… or not.

You have a choice!

Your symptoms of emotional healing might include…

  • Depression
  • Crying spells (may or may not know why)
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Unexplained laughter
  • Unexplained anger
  • Irritability
  • Recollection of long forgotten memories
  • Strong emotional conflict within

I love it! When we are more aware of the ways our body responds to a cleanse, we are better able to flow with and embrace the detoxification process!

A few more tips during your 21 Day Detox Day 17 cleanse.

To make your cleansing experience that much easier on your body emotionally, experiment with a few of the following. Your body will thank you for it!

  • Become aware of your emotions
  • Validate and embrace them
  • Seek Godly counsel
  • Rest & let go!

PS. Just as healing physically is breaking through in your life during this cleanse, so are your emotions! Both will come on the wave of God’s Love. Be encouraged and take a few moments to read once again >>> “Love Breaks Through Into Your Heart and Mine”.

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