21 Day Detox Day 11 – 8 Common Physical Symptoms

21 day detox day 11

This 21 Day Detox Day 11, has been more than enough time for you to experience one or more of the 8 common physical symptoms.

On our 21 Day Detox day 11, these 8 symptoms are not to be blamed on the weather. Nor are they somebody else’s fault and don’t even think about blaming it on the devil! During a cleanse these 8 are very typical symptoms. They are simply caused by an overload of toxins waiting their turn to exit your body. Don’t you just love how our bodies are designed to heal?! So don’t try to cast out, shout out or rebuke how God created your body to respond to a cleanse!

You may or may not experience all these symptoms.

Therefore, it depends on what Level of fast/cleanse you have chosen, how many days you go and how toxic your body is, will determine the level of detoxification you experience. But it is always good to educate ourselves, so we can be aware and not panic, run to the medicine cabinet or hinder in any way what our bodies are in the process of doing. Cleaning house!

Temporary Storage Space.

Your body must find a “temporary” storage place for the toxins, until they can be eliminated. It is during this process, some abnormal metabolic reactions “may” occur in an effort to aid your detoxification process.

So, here’s 8 common ones to look for during your 21 day detox day 11 and onward.

  1. Headaches – toxic blood circulating their way out.
  2. Heart palpitations – a good sign your thyroid is revving up in an effort to speed up the cleansing process. Often associated with drugs and or medications being eliminated.
  3. Joint or muscle aches – are more toxins coming to the surface for elimination!
  4. Dimming of vision – your body temporarily borrowing energy to heal itself.
  5. Insomnia – this is your body’s way of saying “finally I can clean house while she rests!”
  6. Bad dreams, irritability or mental fatigue – Yes… more toxic blood circulating as energy is used for the cleansing activity.
  7. Lower back pain – kidney overload.
  8. Coated tongue – toxic elimination via the mucus membrane of the tongue. The tongue mirrors the liver.

Now how cool is that! When we are more aware of the ways our body responds to a cleanse, we are better able to flow with and embrace the detoxification process!

A few more tips during your 21 Day Detox Day 11 cleanse!

Try one or more of the following to make it easier on your body physically while it cleanses. Your body will thank you for it!

  • A very gentle massage to help circulation and the release of toxins.
  • Exercise as it’s good for the lungs.
  • Wet or dry loofa your skin instead of using soaps.
  • When you sense your body getting tired – rest!

Just as a physical healing takes place during a cleanse, so does an emotional one.

Emotional healing will always follow a physical cleansing….

So, stay tuned for the next blog post where we will discover the 8 common emotional symptoms that take place during a fast.

Happy Cleansing!

PS. Just as healing is breaking through in your life… it comes on the wave of Love. Be encouraged and take a few moments to read >>> “Love Breaks Through Into Your Heart and Mine”.

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