21 Day Detox Day 1 – 4 Reasons Why Plus Special Links!

21 Day Detox Day 1

21 Day Detox Day 1 and the 4 reason why I believe we are here!

Our 21 Day Detox Day 1 kicks off another new year! This is our 6th (yes 6th!!!!) year of coming together with women from around the world for a virtual cleanse – spirit, soul & body.

The following are 4 reasons I believe we are here (and not by accident). Plus observe closely as I have included very special links for you. Tools that will empower your next 21 Days!

I believe we are here because…

  1. We are hungry to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Fasting doesn’t change God’s heart, it changes your. When your heart is changed, you begin to see yourself and those around you differently. Your 21 Day Detox cleanse will be an experience like no other!
  2. You made a choice to join this cleanse. That says a lot! So I want to see you succeed in optimal health – spirit, soul & body. That’s why I created the 3 level of cleanses for you to get you started. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, see our earlier post “Fasting Detoxification Made Easy “.
  3. You have a Story worth sharing. Take opportunity to journal your experiences over the next 21 Days and discover more about you! Experience with your heart, not just your mind, of how and why you were created and grow deeper into relationship with the One who created you! Read my 5 Most Important Areas to Journal and be transformed from the inside out!
  4. Eager to learn and in our private Daily Detox – body. soul. spirit Facebook group is the perfect place to begin! This is a safe place for accountability, asking question and sharing our thoughts and ideas together. There are loads of new recipe ideas and plenty of opportunity to discover different aspects of fasting, cleansing & the detoxification process and so much more. In the meantime, click here for the most frequently asked Q&A women like you want to know as they begin their 21 Day Detox!

I can’t do it alone!

Well I could, but I don’t have to! So I have asked Jen Jen from Singapore to motivate us to get up and move our booties during this fast/cleanse! Exercise is a great way to detoxify your lungs, so keep a look out for her posts in our private Daily Detox – body. soul. spirit group on facebook!

I also asked Connie Jo Post and Debi Cannon to be praying for us during the 21 Days. You won’t want to miss Connie’s “Mother’s Prayer” over you today >>> READ HERE! 

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“10 Ways to Prepare Successfully” is a must to optimize your cleansing experience and take you to a whole new level of health – body, soul & spirit!

Therefore, I want to see you get the most out of your cleanse. This mini E-Book is the one that will lay a solid foundation as we kick off our 21 Day detox Day 1!

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