21 Day Detox – Welcome!

Welcome to 21 Day Detox – body, soul & spirit!  21 Day Detox Follow Me on Pinterest

Are you looking to be inspired, challenged and learn more about cleansing, detoxification & fasting?

Do you have a desire for life-change (body, soul & spirit) and not for sure how or where to begin?

Would you like the opportunity to join with other women that hunger for the same thing?

You have landed at the right place and not by accident!

This is our second year coming together in a 21 day detox with women from around the world and you are in for another very special treat!


Because I believe you will create your own cleansing experience and have the best 21 Day Detox possible. Whether you are just beginning or a well advanced, you will be challenged and further equipped on this next 21 Day Detox adventure!

You will discover…

  • How to prepare for a cleanse
  • What takes place physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • How to control your speed of detoxification
  • and as always so much more!


8 more reasons to join our next 21 Day Detox!

1. Because you are a woman! Can you imagine coming together for 21 days with women from around the world? My blog posts, videos and our private Facebook group will help make this possible!

2. You get to choose the level of cleanse that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or advanced – I am here to cheer you on! 

3. Journal your journey and discover more about yourself, gain a better understanding of how you were created, and experience a deeper personal relationship with the one who knows you best – God! 

4. Learn from others in our Facebook group as our experiences unfold uniquely! This will be a safe place to ask lots of questions and share our hearts as we grow together!

5. Recipe exchange from juices, smoothies, soups & salads promoting an optimal 21 Day cleansing experience for you!

6. Be accountable to other women that will motivate you through each day!

7. Commit to pray for others and “post your own prayers” on the Facebook group wall!

8. Download teaching documents and other resources periodically on different aspects of fasting, spiritual growth and so much more!

First things first…

Subscribe below by saying YES Kelly I want to join you in the next 21 Day Detox! 

After you subscribe…

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  • You then will receive content directly to your inbox that will help you begin preparing – body, soul & spirit!

By signing up you will also receive…

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  • Plus an invitation to join our private group “Detox – body, soul & spirit!

So don’t wait – type in your name and email address below and get ready for your 21 Day Detox adventure!

PS. Email, blog, tweet, pin and share this post with your circle of friends so they too can experience coming together for a life-changing 21 Day Detox – body, soul & spirit!

NOTE: This Detox: body. soul. spirit is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat illness in any way. We believe it is valuable to seek the advice of a qualified alternative health care professional before making any life changes. 

12 Replies to “21 Day Detox – Welcome!”

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  2. I think I have signed up but not been confirmed. Please advise. Thx

    1. Jane YES! You are all signed in and ready to go! Later today I will send out an email with links for you to download how to begin to prepare. Looking forward to cleansing with you!

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  4. Hey Kelly, I responded to the sign up but not sure it went through. I do want to participate.

    1. Anonymous! Can you tell me who you are and then I can check to see if you are in! 🙂

  5. Am I signed up?

    1. Please let me know your name and then I can see if you are signed up!
      Going to be an amazing 21 Days!

  6. I would like to join, is it too late?

    1. Natasha,
      You are in…Welcome! Please visit our private Daily Detox group on facebook. You will see the pinned post at the top of our wall for your next instructions! Happy Cleansing!

  7. Not sure if i signed up

    1. Let me know who you are and I will double check for ya! 🙂

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