21 Day Detox – 3 Simple Steps to Begin

21 Day Detox – 3 Simple Steps to Begin

You are in for a special Detox 3 simple steps, as we begin our 4th annual Ultimate 21 Day Detox challenge with women from around the world!

Whether you are just beginning or a well advanced, this 21 Day Detox will challenge both and further equip you on your cleansing adventure!

You will learn & experience…

  • How to prepare for a cleanse.
  • What takes place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • How to control your speed of detoxification.
  • and so much more!

I am confident that this cleanse will detoxify any fears you might have about fasting, cleansing, the detoxifying process and leave you hungry for more!

21 Day Detox 3 Simple Steps…

1. Mark Your Calendar

January 10-30 2016
(Next cleansing date will be emailed to subscribers)!

2. Join us on Facebook!
Friend me on Facebook and ask to join our private group  Daily Detox – body. soul. spirit ===> HERE!

3. Choose Your Cleanse
Choose from one of three cleansing levels; Raw food, Smoothies or juice your way through all 21 days!

detox 3 simple steps to begin Follow Me on Pinterest This is your cleanse, your body, your choice and your 21 Day Detox 3 Simple Steps!

To make your cleansing experience super easy, I created a special eGift for you with more details of each cleansing level. PLUS your eGift includes 3 detox recipes to help equip you for a successful cleanse!

Follow Me on Pinterest When you subscribe to Daily Detox with Kelly you will be able to instantly download
– 3 Detox Levels + Bonus 3 Recipes
– 10 Ways to Prepare Successfully for a Cleanse
Either eBook will help get you started!

Yes Kelly!
I want to join other women from around the world for another virtual
January 10 – 30 2016
(Next cleansing date will be emailed to subscribers)!

Happy Cleansing!

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