Fasting Tips – 10 Tips for a Healthy Fasting Experience

fasting tips

Fasting Tips – 10 Tips for a Healthy Fasting Experience.

The Fasting tips below are ones that I have discovered over the years (and am still discovering!) and will help make the

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most of your fasting experiences – body, soul and spirit. These fasting tips will get you off to a great start! They are not in any special order nor is this list exhaustive, but for sure will encourage, motivate and give you a healthy experience on your next fast –  just as they have been for me!

  1. Listen to instrumental worship music while you sleep and to the bible on tape as soon as you awake is a great way to feed your spirit.
  2. Sip slowly from a mason jar filled with flavored citrus water will help stabilize your blood sugar levels.
  3. Warm vegetable broths or herbal teas are  other drinks to enjoy throughout your day.
  4. Staying away from large crowds and noises helps you to stay calm and peaceful!
  5. To slow down your detoxification process, make drinks “with” pulp using a high-powered blender.
  6. To speed up your detoxification process,  make drinks “without” pulp from a juicer.
  7. If you feel dizzy, try kneeling down on one knee and wait a few seconds. It works every time!
  8. Your skin is the largest organ for elimination during a fast, so why not try using a loofah instead of soap to scrub away dead skin cells. Your skin will love you for it! 🙂
  9. Use raw coconut oil after a bath in place of lotions is another way to love your skin. 🙂
  10. Spray perfume directly on your clothes instead of your skin. It will free up your skin to do its job with greater ease – especially during a fast.

There you have it!  10 fasting tips that will make the most out of your next fasting experience!

These fasting tips will definitely make your fasting experience more rewarding. I would love to hear what you have discovered during your fasting experiences. Just leave a comment below so we can all learn together.

Happy fasting
Kelly 🙂

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