10 Health Benefits of Kimchi [and why you should eat it]!

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Actually the health benefits of any fermented foods are amazing (and endless too)! But first…

What is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a Korean staple made of fermented vegetables (primary cabbage and/or radish) and a variety of spices. Generally it has a spicy and sour taste with a very strong pungent smell that can be identified a mile away (well almost)!

Eat kimchi alone or with rice or noodles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They say there are as many varieties of kimchi as there are families in Korea!

Check out these 10 health benefits of Kimchi and why you should eat it!

1. Easy to digest – When you have a proper amount of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes you will absorb more live nutrients in the foods you eat.

2. Heart Healthy – The garlic in kimchi has selenium and allicin. Both contribute in lowering cholesterol levels, which helps reduce the risk of heart disorders such as heart attacks and strokes.

3. Good Probiotics – Because of the fermentation process during the preparation period, kimchi is a great source of probiotics.

4. Detoxifier – The cabbage in kimchi is a great detoxifier that helps eliminate toxins and waste from your body. For a wealth of info about cabbage read ==> HERE!

5. Prevents constipation – The fiber content in cabbage, helps rid your body of waste by regulating and stabilizing your bowel movements. Oh happy day!

6. Assists in weight loss – This spicy dish is high fiber, low fat, keeps you satisfied and fuller longer, while the spicy peppers boost your metabolism. All contribute to optimal health and weight loss!

7. Slows down the aging process – the selenium found in the garlic helps keep your skin and hair healthy. Garlic is anti-fungal, anti-aging and is said to prevent wrinkles in the long run. So eat your kimchi!

8. Strengthens the immune system – The ingredients of garlic, ginger, and peppers are great immune builders, fighting off colds and flu. Here’s a list of how much more these 3 powerhouse spices can do! ==> HERE!

9. B vitamins & enzymes – During the fermenting process the bacteria also produces B vitamins (A & C too!) and enzymes that are beneficial to your digestion process and blood flow.

10. Plenty of Antioxidants – antioxidants are natural scavengers and kimchi is full of them! Antioxidants along with phenols and flavonoids help protect the body from free radical damage.

Now doesn’t this make you want to start making your own Kimchi now!?

Try out my Vegan Kimchi recipe ==> HERE!

Can’t wait?

Go ahead and buy kimchi at your local health food store, but read the labels first! Here’s why ==> HERE!

Happy Cleansing!


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