7 – Day Soul Cleanse: Day 3 – A Divided Soul

I am going to approach a divided soul from a different perspective in our  7-DAY SOUL CLEANSE challenge. There are many battles we face, but this particular one, if addressed, will change your life in a very dramatic and empowering way!  But first, let’s define “divided soul”. Your soul is your mind, will & emotions. […]

7-Day Soul Cleanse: Day 1 – A Satisfied Soul

A Satisfied Soul  Are you a woman with a satisfied soul? You are at peace in your mind, content in your emotions and feeling happy with choices you have made and are making? Or have you found yourself, much like me at times, becoming weary, restless, dissatisfied and can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s […]

7-Day Soul Cleanse: Facing Your Fear

Fear is one thing. Facing it is another!  You might even find yourself becoming a bit anxious about this whole thing called a “soul” cleanse. But did you know there is a difference between fear and anxiety? They are closely related but different. With anxiety, we feel we have no control over a situation and can’t […]

7-Day Soul Cleanse: Mark Your Calendar!

 7-DAY SOUL CLEANSE ….it’s time!  This cleanse will be a very unique experience, so mark your calendar for August 25 – 31! It WILL LOOK VERY DIFFERENT than the other’s we have done. I am going to come from a different approach as this time we are not going to focus on cleansing physically with recipes and such, […]

7-Day Chia Challenge – Day 7: Blueberry Chia Cheesecake

DAY 7 CHIA CHALLENGE – taking chia to the next level!  What an amazing 7-Day Chia Challenge this has been! I hope you have been challenged these past 7 days and have learned a lot about chia… I sure have! If you are new to this Chia Challenge you will want to click over and check […]