7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 7: Your Favorite Color?

This 7-Day Rainbow Cleanse has been so fun and creative! As we embark upon the last day of our cleanse, you may choose – your favorite rainbow color (or mixing all of them) for Day 7! I am looking at colors so differently now. They are vibrant and full of life everywhere I look! Is it the […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 – GREEN

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse Day 6 color is GREEN!  Green symbolizes…Growth, new beginnings, healing & rest Our Rainbow Cleanse Day 6, welcomes you to new beginnings as you pursue to reclaim your health – from a posture of rest. There is no better time than the present, so let’s explore! 1. Choose your level of cleanse […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 5 – BLUE

Today’s Rainbow Cleanse color Day 5 is BLUE!  Blue symbolizes… hope, healing, grace, freedom & overcoming!  How cool is that for a meaning of a color! Reminds me of when I was a little girl, I was told over and over… “Kelly your blood runs just as blue as any body else’s”! I will tell […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 4 – PURPLE

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 4 – PURPLE  Today’s Rainbow Cleanse color PURPLE symbolizes… royalty, extravagance & creativity. That’s you! … royal, extravagant and creative! That’s exactly what’s taking place in our private Daily Detox Facebook group… I love it! But guess what else? All that uniqueness and creativity only proves that you were not a […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 – RED

Today’s 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 3 is all about RED!  Red symbolizes redemption, courage, cleansing, and sacrifice. Wow! We could go in so many directions with the meaning of the color red… Redemption – being delivered from, rescued, bought back… Courage – to face difficult danger or pain without fear, brave Cleansing – to […]

7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 2 – ORANGE

Let’s celebrate our 7 Day Rainbow Cleanse Day 2 with ORANGE! The color ORANGE symbolizes…praise, power, harvest and fruitfulness! So what better way to begin your day than with praise and power.. which by the way, will produce a harvest of fruitfulness in your life! Who wouldn’t want that?! So orange you glad we are on […]