My Nationality – Guess What I am?!

“What is your nationality?” is a question I get asked often!  In high school it was always “who’s your father”? In Asia it’s “where do you come from”? In America its “what are you mixed with”? Normally I just shrug my shoulders and snap back with, “My nationality? Oh, my momma has blond hair, blue-eyes and […]

Rainbow Cleanse Day 7- You Choose!

This RAINBOW CLEANSE has been the most creative 7-Day cleanse I have ever experienced!  How has it been for you?  Eating a rainbow of assorted fresh fruits and vegetables is key to giving your body the nutrients it needs to strengthen your immune system and allow your body to detoxify, ridding itself of unwanted accumulated toxins. Not […]

Rainbow Cleanse Day 5: Blue

Rainbow Cleanse Day 5 – BLUE!  “Kelly, your blood runs just as blue as any body else’s”! Those were the words of a lady named Bombie, who lived in the downstairs apartment from my mom, sister and I when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Bombie was a feisty, elderly lady who was like a granny to us. I […]