pull weeds

Detox Challenge 18: Pull Weeds!

Detox Challenge 18: Pull Weeds!  Pull weeds? Yes that’s today’s challenge! Yesterday you were challenged to tend your garden, so today is perfect for weed pulling. Besides, when you think of your garden, the only thing you will notice that grows freely are the weeds! (Oh, I guess I should clarify – I’m not talking […]

tend your garden

Detox Challenge 17: Tend Your Garden!

Detox Challenge 17: Tend Your Garden! Today’s challenge “Tend Your Garden” will be a day to take time to process and journal a few highlights of what has taken place in “your garden” the past 16 days. We have covered a lot, so I want to give you plenty of time to digest and assimilate […]

feed your spirit

Detox Challenge 16 : Feed Your Spirit

Detox Challenge 16 : Feed Your Spirit  When you feed your spirit – you feed your soul. Just as your body needs food for sustenance, so does your spirit! What has your spiritual diet been consisting of ? Make a Mental Grocery List! Seriously, if you were to make a grocery list of your spiritual diet […]

Detox Challenge 13: Who Told You, You Couldn’t?

Detox Challenge 13 – Who told you, you couldn’t? Was there anyone in your life who told you, you couldn’t? Take few moments to think back. I’ll wait… Think back to the one who told you, you coulnd’t. You weren’t good enough. You will never amount to anything. Why even try? Your dreams are useless, […]