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Eat Clean Tip #6: Nature’s Candy – a Sweet Alternative!

Nature’s candy is a sweet alternative in my kitchen, when it comes to learning to eat clean. But, what happens when your definition of nature’s candy has always meant Great Mom’s home-made sugar cookies, Granny’s made-from-scratch gingerbread men, or my mom’s famous apple crisp? Three generations of sweets. Why? Because desserts were always a big deal around our […]

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Eat Clean Tip #5: Is Your Food Spiritual?-Part 2

Eat Clean tip #5 is once again asking the question “Is Your Food Spiritual”? Yesterday’s Eat Clean Tip Part 1, we were challenged like a lioness. Today we are going to ask the same question, but from a different perspective. The following questionnaire can be used as a tool, to explore deeper into your heart. Let’s […]

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Eat Clean Tip #4: Is Your Food Spiritual?-Part 1

“Is your food spiritual?” Asking this question couldn’t come at a better time than during our 7-Day Eat Clean Celebration! Something that is spiritual has the ability to consume your mind, override your will, and stir your emotions – in a heart beat. I believe food has the ability to do just that. If you don’t […]